Friday, April 15, 2016

Speeding Up The Sales Cycle with Telemarketing

Telemarketing and telemarketers are a rare breed. Telemarketing is not only a perfect marketing way for businesses selling products/services to their target market at a pretty low price but for B2B markets it can speed up the sales cycle for the more expensive sales representative regardless of its simplicity or complexity . Telemarketers are usually helpful at the initial stages of a sales cycle. After that, the sales representatives should take over to close the deal.

It Speeds up the Sales Cycle

Early in the sales cycle, it takes thousands upon thousands of calls made to a list of thousands and thousands of customers and prospects. Some end as leads and some don’t. Telemarketing and teleprospecting are perfect for making the kind of high volumes of cold calls necessary at this stage of the sales cycle. At the back end of the sales cycle, customers require more detailed information on the service/product. This is the time for sales representatives with a higher level of product skill and understanding to convert prospects into customers. It is just as unpractical to expect a telemarketer to close a sale as it is to expect a sales representative to make 1000s of cold calls.

Role Of Telemarketing Services
Telemarketing services assist in generating leads by handling the bulk of phone calls. This cuts down the sales cycle for the sales rep. A business can start telemarketing job in-house or can contract out to another company like Larson & Associates for a better Return on investment (ROI).

Creating a telemarketing team and having them called to thousands customers won’t get results unless of course they are trained well to increase the value of the sales cycle. Automated calls are usually end hang-ups. Therefore, in order to yield results it’s important to train telemarketers with business processes and on customer dealing to avoid such issues.

Benefits of Telemarketing To Businesses

Fixing Data:
Databases that are publically available have a lot of inaccurate or inadequate data. Telemarketing services can come in and correct the information so your sales representatives won’t have to. Its time better spent else ware. Come to think about it most in-house lists are messed up as well, sometimes even more so because no one is in charge of cares about keeping it up to date.

Accumulation of Proprietary Data:
Telemarketing services can also assist in adding proprietary data to the prospect’s records within the database. This includes company’s decision makers name, equipment replacement, etc. which is all helpful in the timing sales calls.

Aid in Building Brand Identity:
Telemarketing services also aid in brand building even when the calling doesn’t yield leads. Calling to the same prospect or customer again and again establishes a feeling of stability and visibility.

Timing Is Everything:
After collecting relevant information, telemarketing can set-up the sales representative’s call. When a customer tells the telemarketer that the equipment needs replacement at a particular time, or they have a project coming up to bid on, the sales representative can call at just the right time to focus on the sale.

Your business shouldn’t spend valuable time and resources in the early stages of the sales process. Use your skilled sales representatives to concentrate on the later phases of the sales cycle.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Use the right people at the right time.

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