Monday, April 4, 2016

Making SEO Work

If getting your web site found organically is important taking a quick look at the basic principles of SEO is always good. .   If you have read me at all you know my adversion to PFC (pay for click). So just how important it is to create your site according to the specifications of the search engines, after I say VERY. . .  

A survey conducted way back in 2013 showed that at least 87 percent of Internet users accessed the Web through a mobile device, and that was in 13. You know it has to be even more now with better data packages out there, Heck even I do some mobile web searches now and you know if I do, almost anyone who can, is. I would say mobile should be a priority of yours to ensure that your site allows users on any devices to have access. Not doing so, (soon) will cost you in your website rankings on Google but you did not hear ME say that.

With the increased impact of local SEO, emerging brands may want to consider adding a local extension like .chicago to show how local you are. It is not going to be as good as getting your Google plus account set up ( ) and any SEO bump is still up for debate, but it does show your immediate area you’re serious about working local and that should be worth a few brownie points.

The name of a site should be as descriptive as possible. While exact match domains tend to be cheap or spammy sounding (such as, the name should have a connection to the brand or the product’s name. The previously mentioned local domain name extensions can help brands achieve this goal when their ".com" is taken.

Website visitors expect a site to load quickly and so do the search engines. You might want to consider using Google Page Speed to check for loading issues, as well as current Web design trends that can strip down a site to its most basic elements. Sometime times less is more in terms or getting higher and seen more

How many clicks does it take to reach the page a person wants to go to on your website? If someone has perform multi-clicks to get to the page they are looking for, there is a good chance they will leave and never come back. Put page links where users can see them and hit them.

This is not quite the function of the website designer, but the content that is being posted can have a huge effect on its SEO ranking. You need compelling content that also utilizes key works you want people to be using to find you in an organic search.

Photography does matter and I am not talking just about the look of the shot. Take for example a site for a photographer. If the photographs used on the site are too large and are slowing the site’s speed down or even stalling it out you had better make some changes, like fast.

Larson Notes & Satire:  If you don’t know where your web site is sitting you might want to get an Alexa Traffic Ranking. I have been tracking my site for years and find it more of a game to tweak it up and make little changes to see what happens. Words, meta tags (yes you heard me) links, content it all counts and all works together.

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