Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Objections are a part of the sales process and are really a good thing. They mean that the prospect is actually thinking about what you are saying.

32. By doing everything else correctly up to this point in the call you can find yourself in a position of having real objections not decoys or fakes. So when they do occur, don’t go out and go into attack mode. Take a deep breath, think about what has been said and go back and revisit the questioning stage of the call. The voiced objection can sometimes be a symptom of the real problem but think and look the entire process over. Start by saying, “Let’s talk about that.”

33. If you have an indecisive prospect, get their mind off the buying decision, and on to the pleasure or the pain. For example, “Joe, let’s look at this. What would happen if you did nothing about the situation? Remember, we detailed the fact you’re not getting enough sales opportunities for your people. What will that amount to over just the next three to six months?” Then shut up. First one who talks loses!

34. Then there is price. Fact is most price objections start right in the mind of the salesperson themselves. Many sales reps aren’t 100% sold on the value of their product. A sales rep who is working is losing sales and might start to think it is always over price; therefore they’re apt to offer price concessions even when the prospect doesn’t ask for them, or they present the price with a shaky tone of voice. By asking the right questions you your ability to talk about what your product/service can do is on the table. Price is the value or perceived value to your product or service, not just money.

35. Avoid Common Objections Mistakes: Don’t talk down to your prospect. Don't go using slick, prepared, objection rebuttals that only tell people they’re wrong and intensifies their resistance. All that says is that you are giving up before attempting to understand the reason behind the problem.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Remember objections are good. They are part to the sales process. Face them head on and with an open mind address them in the best manor possible. Objections do not mean no sale they mean I have considerations about “this” that we need to address. If we do maybe we can do business. So, ask, answer and let’s do some business.

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