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So far so good. If you have kept up with the process I think you can see where we are going. We are not Alice going down the Rabbits Hole nor are we Peter Pan on a trip to Never Land. We are more like The Blues Brothers on a Mission from God. As we move down the chain or qualification and knowledge gather on both sides we are getting

36. When sending information, samples, demos, etc., know precisely how they’ll evaluate the material and when you can call back on their receiving. You should know how will they know if they like it? What kind of criteria will they be using? This way, you’ll both be clear as to what would need to happen in order for them to buy. And yes buying is what it is all about.

37. When sending out your material, prepare them as to what they should look for. If not, they’ll only be getting a package of materials and say, “Oh, goody here’s a package of materials,” and then toss it on the mountain of other stuff in their office or the circular file. But, if you tell them to look for the catalog with the post it note so they can find the page with the product they are interested in, and you have taken the time to highlight the three or four models that are most appropriate for them, there would be a greater likelihood they’d look at it.

38. The success of your follow-up call is directly relational to what you accomplished, and how you ended the previous one. Again this is a process not a onetime deal. Never say, “I’ll send you out some stuff, and we’ll go from there.” Send what? From where? Why should I care? Summarize your agreed-upon actions, including what just happened, what they’re interested in, and what will be happening next. Then set up the agenda for the next call. This makes it so much easier to prepare for the follow-up call, and helps you avoid starting calls with some dumb useless question, “I sent you the material, did you get it?”, or “What did you think?” For example, “Ok Tom, I’ll send the proposal detailing 2 different pricing plans in the Lead Generation Program we just went over. Look it over and compare what our offer is to to what you’re getting now, and if we are at a profit break you’ll agree to a Pilot Program on our next call, is that right?”

Larson Notes & Satire:  Send me your stuff. Ya it’s a part of telemarketing. I know some of my clients think this is death warmed over and in some cases it is. It is an easy way to get us off the phone. But if done right and sent out right it really does take us to the next step which is, of course to do business together. But keep this in mind, 9 out of 10 sales people don’t send their stuff and/or they don’t bother to follow up. Ya that’s right they are laying out I the parking lot deader than a door nail. So do it. Send it, follow up on it and take action and take charge.

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