Tuesday, August 12, 2014


39. Don’t like rejection? This is a tough skin business this cold calling, but you still don’t like it? Well none of us do. But I need to ask you what is rejection? It’s not an experience. It’s not an end all definition of your life. Rejection is whatever you definite it to be. So, the key is to ensure that you accomplish something on each call, so you can hold your head up high with a sense of accomplishment. First, remember, a decision of any type is better than someone who will waste your time with wimpy or misleading statements that cause you to believe there’s a chance of going to the next level  when, in fact, there’s not.

40. If that doesn’t happen have a Plan B. Something like to end each call when you don’t accomplish your primary objection (and to never experience rejection) is to plant a seed for the future. Give them something to look for, based upon what you uncovered during the call … something that might just cause them to call you back. For example, “Joe, it looks like we don’t have a good fit here, today, but I suggest that if you ever find yourself needing leads quick, and don’t have the staff to handle it, give us a call. We specialize in those types of projects, and would love to talk to you.” How many times have I been surprised by those written-off prospects who later called to order. This is a way to proactively make it happen more often.

41. Imagine every day is the end-of-the-period day. I’ve noticed that people tend to pick up the pace and behave like bat out of hell when they reach the last couple days of a quota period, and need to be doing whatever is necessary to squeeze out those last few sales or leads. When you coast, you’re going downhill. Get focused on a goal, on your goal and pursue it with single-minded determination.

42. As a sales lead professional you are using the phone as your main method of communication; you perform a function that very few people in the world could do well, or would even want to try. Ya you are special. And that is persuading someone to take action and make a decision, based almost solely on the words and ideas that come from your mouth. It’s quite an awesome feat when you think about it. And do think about it. It takes a talented individual to be able to do that well. You are that person. Feel proud of what you do, and always strive to get better!

Larson Notes & Satire:  If you choose to use us all you need to do is make a pre-payment for the first two weeks of your program to reserve your dedicated agent and set up a start date. The hard work of getting new clients will not stop there. Getting good sales results is a hard, process. But you can now have an experienced agent in place and an experienced company watching out for your best interests and to help you on your way to new client heaven. After all, 75% of B2B sales involve some form of human interaction and intervention, be a phone call or a meeting, telemarketing for lead generation is only the first 30% of that.

If you feel this is the kind of phone selling you want, go on and pick up the phone and heir us. One call to 847-991-1294. We make the calls so you don’t have to.

Our Next Blog: Will be a series on Omnibus Marketing.

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Regina Bright said...

Excellent post!

Fred McMurray said...

Attitude is everything and most people can't handle the rejection and give up.

Carly Alyssa Thorne said...

Attitude and self motivation is everything for business and life