Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is Omnichannel Anything Different?

Here we go again or not? What is all this hype about Omnichannel? Is it any different than Integrated Marketing? Holistic Marketing? Multichannel Marketing? Cross-channel Marketing? Did I miss any? Probably, Depending on your preferred jargon name you could change at will any of these names, yes?

Before we jump to any foregone conclusions, although my mind is pretty well made up let’s take a quick review of these terms.

Integrated Marketing: Connecting your marketing channels to deliver a total customer experience in offers messaging etc, Letting you work campaigns over several channels and enabling each of these channels to support the other. In doing so you improve not just the impact of each channel but the performance or each giving a higher rate of response to your total “integrated” campaign.

Multichannel Marketing: Some of the so called marketing experts will say that the term multichannel marketing went and replaced integrated marketing just because then by only going and using more than 1 channel to market yourself you are in essence doing multichannel.

Cross Channel Marketing: In a similar vein while some marketing insiders consider cross channel marketing a synonym for multichannel marketing while I tend to believe that the term is an integration of marketing that uses multiple channels in a harmonic approach which might be similar to multichannel but not necessarily the same. Cross channel marketing has a sharing of data that works with hand helps enhance the performance of the others and the campaign overall.

Omnichannel Marketing: Marketers who go and consider multichannel marketing to be integrated marketing are totally perplexed by the very integration of various silos are now staring right at Ominchannel Marketing and wondering why a new name? Is ominchannel more than the other “kinds” of marketing or is it an old concept wrapped up in a new wrapper? Marketing and the technologies that are influencing and supporting it evolved over the years or dare I say months, weeks or even days? So a message needs to be like an octopus with many tentacles to reach out to the prospect. We are now more holistic, more deeply pressed into full integration across the multiplicity of channels that those prospect use to discover, research and find what they are looking for. We are at an age of total integration that can envelop into real-time marketing into responsive engagement marketing to bring a seamless message across the channels. So is this a new term for a new approach or a new term to the same old same old?

Larson Notes & Satire: Personally I hate the word and term Ominchannel. Couldn’t they have come up with something better? Omni reminds me of Omnibus of the 80’s and that sure did not catch on or do much of anything. In the next few blogs we will be looking at what the “Pros” are calling Omnichannel Marketing and you can tell me if it is anything different than what we have.

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Our Next Blog: Evolving Your Marketing In An Omnichannel Way.

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