Thursday, July 31, 2014


28. This is not the major event or even the big part in a telemarketing sales call. It’s just the natural, logical, progression of a professional sales process. But you still got to ask. Commitment must be gained on every contact in order to move the process forward. You don’t ask, you don’t get. If there is to be a follow-up contact, if information is to be sent or faxed, there must be commitment on behalf of the prospect regarding that material.

29. Ask large. Think big. Buyers will often move down from a large recommendation, but they rarely move up from a small one. If you ask for the biggest widget the largest dodger you have, ya they might say no but then you can go down. If you present the smallest you can there is only one place you can to. Nowhere. By asking for the biggest you will increase your average order size. That’s a fact not a myth. Never suggest more than is in the best interest of the customer, but not making a large enough suggestion when appropriate is actually hurting the customer.

30. When in doubt, ask. Do you have a foot-dragger in your follow-up file that is perched squarely on the fence? I have some of those too so don’t be ashamed. Ask for a decision! Get some movement. Get them sold or get them out of your list. A “no” today is better than one six months and 15 additional calls from now. Move them forward, or move them out.

31. If you’re going to schedule a follow up call, get a commitment of some type. Why would you ever bother to call back? If they won’t commit to doing anything– a review your literature with you, a survey of their existing inventory, etc.-they likely have no interest. Don’t waste your or their time. It might just be time to say: NEXT!

Larson Notes & Satire:  Without a commitment to taking the next step in the sales process you have nothing. It is easy to say no over the phone and sometimes asking for an email or send your “kit” over is just that saying no without having to say no. For whatever reason people don’t or many people don’t know how to say know so help them, you are doing them a real favor to get them off the fence. Really really!

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