Wednesday, July 2, 2014


4. When you call in remember to treat the screener, gate keeper, receptionist as you would the customer. This person determines whether or not you’ll even have a chance to speak with the person you want to talk to.

5. As you talk you need to be gathering as much information as you can from whomever you are able, talking to anyone and everyone as you make your way through the phone web prior to speaking with your target prospect. The prospect does not want to be bored out of their minds when they have to answer your basic qualifying questions.

6. Before you pick up the phone if you did not do this in the last section, think of a good reason for needing to speak with the decision maker, and be prepared to sell this to the gate keeper. All they are going to care about is:
“Does this person have anything of interest or of value for my boss or are they just a waste of time?”

7. If leaving a message on voice mail, or with the gate keeper, be certain it offers a hint of the benefit or result you can bring to the table that sparks curiosity, but doesn’t get into the specifics about your product of service which could cause them to prejudge your offering

Larson Notes & Satire:  Every part of the process needs to be thought out like a choreography plans out a dance. Each movement, each step needs to be thought out. Telemarketing is not just picking up the phone it is a true art form when done right.


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