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25. You should only talk about your product/service after knowing specifically how it will solve the problem or meet their need. Remember it’s about them, not you. If you cannot solve their problem or make things better for them, don’t sell them. Be real and be truthful. Only then you can tailor your remarks specifically and personally for the prospect.

26. Get and stay off script. You need to get feedback during your discussion of benefits and you can’t do that reading a script. “Do you feel that would work for you?”. “How do you feel that would solve your problem?” Some telemarketing companies or tele-trainers might tell you that gives the prospect an opportunity to tell you “no.” Exactly! And that’s a good thing. If there’s a problem, and they don’t see enough value in what you’ve presented, now is the time to find out. The sooner the better!

27. Avoid the question, “Anything else?” when attempting to upsell. I mean how dumb is that question? If there is anything else, your the “pro” so you make the suggestions as to what if anything else they might need. Just like when a store clerk asks is their anything else you need, the answer is usually, “No.” So be the telesales person and instead, give them a suggestion, a suggestion that makes positive sense, and help them answer it. For example, after they agree to buy an item, or a service, say, “Many of our customers who get _____ from us, also find that ____ is also very beneficial for them to get even greater use.

Larson Notes & Satire:  We are out there not just trying to make a living with the best product or service we can provide a client but we are trying to make their life better. I truly believe that. I will never force a bad or wrong product on a client or prospect to make a sale.

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