Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Mail?

Email vs. Snail Mail? Is there a choice? Should there be a choice? What is the right marketing vehicle for your company? Do you even care?

The average email open rate that I have been reading lately is 22.1%, which means that 77.9% are deleted without even a look, and that does not count the ones that are kicked back with bad addresses. Blanked out. Poof, gone never to return to the light of a computer screen.

If that was a Snail Mail piece it would be like sending out blank cards or letters. Blank as in nothing printed on them, except an enticing headline, maybe.

The big e-mailers want to go out and shout about how cost effective email is in comparison to Snail Mail. Ok shout away, but I will tell you that even as they are throwing my postcard mailer into the bucket they will see my company name, they might glance at my headline, so that the next time I send them something, and there will be a next time, they might dig a little deeper into the message I am sending them, so that on the 3rd or 4th piece of mail I have sent to them they might even start to understand what it is I do.

Mail, E-mail, it is not the cost, but the success that really matters.

Larson Notes & Satire: I mail. I email. I phone. I place classified ads. I do what works.

Is mail dead? I don’t think so. As each or our e-mail in boxes gets cluttered up, we scan though more and more deleting at will. Yet, each day my mail box gets a few pieces dropped into it by my mailman. And with the unclutteredness of it, I do look at every piece, and read at least the postcard mailers, (I am partial to post card mailers) the envelope & letter pieces might get opened but if they are too wordy I’ll see what they are talking about and usually, unless it is really enticing, it hits but bucket, but guess what? I did look and skim though their message. You don’t get that with email.

E-mail has a place in the sales and marketing world. Use each tool for what it does best. But don’t tell me Direct Mail is dead.

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