Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Synergistic Web Site

In an online marketing plan and attack your main website is your base of attack. It contains the elements of what your company is, what it sells and what its primary goal of service/products are.

Yet if your site is lost in the great abyss of the 38th page of a google key word search what effect can it have on your overall companies marketing and sales attack? 3 things:

1) Explain to the world who and what you are
2) Be there for people and companies you give your URL to and actually send them to.
3) A stable message to send your Social Media followers to.

As competitive as the internet is, you need to have some kind of control over your own destiny, and at the same time keep up with the current state of web marketing opportunities.

In using a synergistic approach to your attack you can develop and promote your “brand” as 1

Web Design Development
> Use good graphic and layout techniques to achieve a visually appealing website.
> Use up to date programming to ensure that all the parts of your design and elements work in harmony.
> Get the best in website optimization to ensure you get the maximum in conversion of all potential visitors.

Content Development
> Use the writers and copywriters to develop your content.
> Use photographers and graphic designers to create great design elements and have the knowledge to coordinate them to work in harmony.
> If you are using audio and or video use a higher end developer

Website Marketing
> SEO – Search Engine Optimization - Don’t overlook it! If you want to be rated higher in the search engines with a key word (or word string) organic search it takes time, patience and knowledge to get you up there.
> SEM – Search Engine Marketing – pay-per-click, banner ads, and other paying ways to get seen on a search. Sometimes you need that extra kick to get seen. Don’t do it alone, or as I say: “It’s your money.”
> Use a Social Media Professional to leverage the power of all the different social networks and other social media tools to get seen and listed.

Nothing happens until you put things into action. Development, promotion planning means nothing unless you do something about it. Bring your team into a synergistic force. Get them talking and working in harmony. Don’t let them get into little turf wars. If that happens there is only 1 looser, YOU.

Larson Notes & Satire: Oh where of where is your website? When was the last time, or 1st for that matter that you did a key word search for it? When was the last time, or 1st that you asked a friend to do a key word search for you site?

Seek and ye shall find? Yes with a little help from your friends.
Now am I a pro at all this stuff? No way, but I have one trick up my sleeve, I have friends and associates that are. At Larson & Associates we focus on implementation not necessarily perfection. If you don’t like it, don’t use us. But guess what, our web site is getting over 400% more hits this year than a year ago. And our sales? Ha ha, sales up in double digits in THIS Economy!

We get things done! We are doers not procrastinators. We get things as good as we can and go! If you are going to sit around waiting to be perfect you will starve. Better to be 75% perfect and implement than to sit around and wait another 5 months for everything to be perfect and miss the market.
Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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