Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Link With Influencers

So there you are out there on the vast world of Social Media all alone. To continue on yesterdays linking thoughts to get your web page listed higher up in the Search Engines.

Ask yourself, who are the people in your TARGET market that have the most influence? Don’t mess with people in your industry, not that you should not follow people of knowledge in your industry or profession but they are NOT going to buy anything from you. You need to attach yourself to the people who are in your target.

If you can start to target and get a conversation going with these key influencers, if you can start to create a dialog with them, if you can gain their trust as a knowledgeable trustworthy person they will gradually open you up to their following though retweets, friend requests and sending your message with appropriate links!

The key here is trust. If they trust you and you have something of value to give to their friends and followers they will gradually give you access. It won’t be overnight, it takes time, much more time than money, but more that even that it takes a real honesty and sincerity.

Larson Notes & Satire: Who are you? Really who the heck are you and why should I want to be following you? Any why should I use my good name for you? If I do that what you do and say is a direct influence on me! Are you honest with yourself and your brand? Can you walk the straight and narrow talk, all the time, every time?

Think about that the next time you get a stray recommend me on LinkedIn or MerchantCircle. Should you say a good thing about someone who you don’t know? What you say can and does make a difference on you, as well as the person you are recommending.

Now my company sells leads so I am not going to go out and give you a lead for fun, but I might, if you give me reason, recommend your business as a quality place or person to do business with. And if I do, don’t fail me! I can undo my good favorable recommendation.

Don’t believe me? Just ask me why I will not drink Dr. Pepper, why I will not stay in a Motel 6, or I will never buy or install an American Standard Faucet in mine or any home improvement project I EVER work on.

If you talk the talk make sure you can walk the walk.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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