Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Personality Of Business

Your company, your brand, your product, your service has a very distinct personality and more times than not that personality is you!

Your personality is how customers perceive you for better or in some cases for worse.

Your average advertiser / marketer has been getting away with selling only a great product or a fantastic service and leaving out the personality behind the brand. So where do you stand. Do you manage your company’s image and perception? Does your customer’s and prospect’s perception match the kind of personality you want them to have and see?

1) You are selling to people not businesses. Maybe all of us B2B people should start saying B2P the P standing for people. It is true that the buyer might not be buying from you for themselves, but they do have their own agenda to consider. Who they are, how they work? Who they answer to? Know the individual behind the invoice. Remember to tune in to WIIFM radio station “What’s In It For Me”.

2) Are you really any different? Are you really any different than anyone else? Ah, reality time. You need to differentiate yourself from all the other Dooger Companies out there. 24 hour shipping? All too common. 98% of all items in stock, pardon me while I go to sleep. You must and I stress the must, find that one then that makes you, you, that makes your company the reason they need to buy from you and not Joe Smith.

3) Do you and your customer speak the same language? Drop the jargon if it is inappropriate. Speak customerese and don’t sound all to technician if it is not appropriate. You might be selling Blue Doogers but if the customer calls it a blue paper clip holder, guess what you better be calling it. You vocabulary should be your customers vocabulary. Talk their language!

4) What is the emotional reason to buy from you? Hank Trisler said it. People buy on emotion and justify with facts! Do you make life simpler? Do you let them look good to their boss? Do they get that benefit or a good ego rub while getting a more efficient and productive service or product?

5) Find every contact point and make it an opportunity to reinforce your brands message. Make sure that once you create your one of a kind position that you can push it though in your entire marketing campaign on every channel that you are using, telemarketing, direct mail, e-mail, letters, faxes, social media messages, web site, pay for click, Examine every touch point that you have with your customers and prospects and make it a magic moment.

Larson Notes & Satire: Right or wrong, I am the face (or voice) of my company I define who and what my company stands for.

In defining and redefining your brand you need to be vigilant to the consistency and relevance to your target market. Say what you want to say and do what you need to do. It is constant and ever moving. You can’t just plan out your year in December and expect it to work the entire year.

Sure I now have my yearly plan for 2011 laid out. I know the direction I want to go in, but will it change? Probably. How often will I be reviewing it? At a minimum every 2 weeks Most likely 26 times in the next 12 months? Always remember a well rounded complete marketing plan will be targeted at the individual in a company not to the company itself. As you communicate across all your marketing channels remember: “Customers buy for their reasons not yours.”

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