Friday, September 24, 2010

Want To Be Engaging? Cross-Channel!

As a person engaged heavily in Social Media Marketing I find it hard to track and do go tracking of ROI. There are tools that can track some of your activity but not all. If you want to go out and track all your sites, all your customers, all your prospects, all in one place I have 2 words for you; Good Luck!

All marketers actively maintain and growing in Social Media need to find a way to tie all their followers, friends and contacts out of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle, Nings, etc together We need the ability to find who are the most socially connected, and of those who have the most far reaching tentacles into your target market. Quantity is not quality!

Conversations with prospects or current customers, your content is your best way and road to engaging them in and beyond the confines of only 1 networking site. Your are not just talking to them one on one but in many cases you are talking to their entire network of followers all at the same time. (Do I see a reverse funnel here?) As any good marketer knows building relations and creating a trust are the bedrock of your efforts of engagement.

As Social Media grows your ability to connect with your prospect in an open and relevant conversation opens up more possibilities in a scalable electronic conversation of transparency.

Larson Notes & Satire: It is no longer good enough to be creative in your advertising and marketing attack. OMG now you have to be real and honest. If not, you will get blasted in the deep reaching world of Social Media. More than one company has felt the wrath of Social Media Justice. Heck I have my own digs with Dr. Pepper and Motel 6 going not to mention American Standard.

So what can you do? Be open, be honest, be engaging and be as transparent as you can.

If you though Pinocchio’s nose got big when he told a lie, Go on and see what happens in a Social Media context.

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