Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Supporting Your Brand On Social Media Sites

Here we are, trying to work our way though a wide world of web confusion. Everyone claiming to be an expert who can grab a mouse and a keyboard and get online.

You want a solid following in your Social Media Marketing efforts? Ok, try this; realize that the broadcast approach is no long as relevant as it once was. Even E-Mail needs to be keyed in and tailored to the recipient or it gets dumped into the spam box.

Not just your group of friends and followers but the entire group of members is there looking over your involvement. These are not just names on a screen but real people. My suggestion is that you focus on acquiring the data of people who are interested in your brand, your service, your product, your company.
Don’t be shy. Directly ask for contact information to engage in a solid pointed conversation. It needs to be real and relevant and work across all platforms you are engaged with.

And as you do it all funnels down to this: I you are asking people so sign up to be your friend or follower, then you need to make the most of that opportunity by using the engagement to give them a value proportion on what you can to for them.

Larson Notes & Satire: It is not about you. It is all about them. It always has been. Even before the web. Before social media, it was about them. Whenever you engage in any kind of sales or marketing effort it is about the customer. If you can solve their problem, take away their pain, help make them happy, they will love you and buy from you.
Marketing and sales is not about what is good for you. The customer, the buyer could care less about what you need. They care what is important to them at that very minute. Business is not about being concerned about what you want out of life, but what other people, who happen to be your target market need and want. Get this straight and as a result you will get what you want 10 times over.

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