Friday, September 10, 2010

Hard Ball Marketing

There seems to be a glimmer hope out there for our economy. So do you jump in head first and go creasy? You might just want to keep in mind that we aren’t out of the woods just yet. As a businesses that has weathered the storm the storm so far, you have not done it out of sheer luck. Marketing requires a certain amount of careful planning and calculation. There are several things to keep in mind when putting into place any marketing strategy.
Customer Retention – Remember that when the economy gets tight, companies are going to start looking for places to cut back. This could include eliminating the need for you, or attempting to find a less expensive alternative to you. You as a business owner or marketing pro need to strut your stuff a little as to the reasons why you’re worth it. The flip coin is that this also gives you an opportunity to reach new customers who may be looking for alternatives to a competitor.
Avoid Excess – During difficult periods, people like to be reminded of the good old days. When the customer must be monitoring his budget, a business that comes across as excessive may only serve to alienate a customer rather than attract one. The key is moderation in all things. People are being more judicious with their money, and a business must be careful not to come across as irresponsible during tough times.
Use Your Available Resources – While the opportunity for speedy growth might not seem quite so present, you need reexamine all of the resources you have at your disposal. Options that may have been previously overlooked or disregarded may look pretty good right now. This holds especially true for the less digital methods of marketing such as direct mail, newspaper ads and participation in local events. People like knowing that there are human beings behind a business, and the push to support small local businesses risen since the start of the current recession.
By being mindful of the circumstances of the average person, almost any business can find the means to stay afloat in today’s marketplace. By using simple ideas, we can push through the tough times and find a better world waiting for us on the other side.
Larson Notes & Satire: Everything and I mean everything needs to be under the microscope, Can you or your business afford to be Mr. or Ms. nice guy? If there is no payback what are you doing it for? Think about it. Its only your business that is at stake.
Howard Larson
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