Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ongoing Conversation To Engage

If you are lucky enough to be en a thriving and engage social networking group you need to be part to the conversation to grasp a hold of your share to the potential sales. By being engaged you help to create brand loyalty. This form or WOM (word of mouth) marketing can really drive your sales once you cross over to the reverse funnel syndrome. Yet there are a few basic pattern flows you need to be following.

You need to have a long term commitment to the community you are engaging in and are involved in. You are not there not to be one hit wonder one a one month flash in the pan. You’re there to build relationships with your audience and your friends. You can do things like exclusive coupons to those who are in the group and have “friended” you and other site promotions but you need to keep building your base by giving value to their reason for having you as their friend, and this value can only come in the way of good content and good conversation.

In the channel of Social Media Marketing your community is not a campaign. This is not TV or radio where you are talking at your audience. In Social Media you are marketing WITH your audience. Your efforts in customer relationships are the community’s responsibility as a whole, not yours alone. As you cross “platform” into possible different clubs and groups within the community you will be engaged in and with different people promoting different “agendas”. Respond in kind. Don’t be a Social Media bully. The members will shut you down if the Monitor doesn’t do it first.

Your Branding, your PR, your Customer Service all become points of value to this Social Media community. Your digital community will take time to care and nurture but in the end can be well worth the effort in evolving friends and sales.

Larson Notes & Satire: Now I am not saying to be totally mercenary and not be friends with those you are involved with on Social Media sites. After all we CAN sell to our friends, can’t we?

Yet, by being committed, offering ongoing value and involving others into the conversation, you can go a long way to helping your brand to bring in positive results and benefits.

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