Friday, February 5, 2010

Prediction For Social Media For 2010?

In browsing though a bunch of articles on SM, I am looking at a few directions SM can be going for 2010.

1) Corporations Attack! Yes it will happen. Big companies will be invading our turf. They have been nipping the edges trying to get a handle on what SM is and might be able to do. They have dabbled in SM marketing and all, but the time has come for the big boys to put in some real muscle, money and time. Corporate efforts will become much more programmatic and strategic for 2010.

2) Social Business Gets Serious! Social networking companies are going to be moving into more entertainment and revenue generating venues. Yes we all need to make money, somehow

3) Companies will create Social Media Policies! and they might actually enforce them. You can expect your company to more formalize its views on SM and the rules of engagement of all its employees.

4) Social Media becomes people’s lifeline! Forget the cigarette break or the water cooler time. IN 2010 people will be taking social media breaks instead. If you can keep your company in the forefront you can and will be able to engage these 15 minute people.

5) E-mail Looses Favor! Sharing is not longer an e-mail thing. While we use to share things though email more and more people will be sharing through networks such as twitter and Facebook.

6) Social Media looks less social. People will start to pull back on the SM practices and become more exclusive as to how their network is.

Larson Notes & Satire: Is this the year (or half year) that SM comes of age to marketing? Your call but I’m in it, I’m working it. And I’m cashing in on the time I have invested in learning it.

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