Thursday, February 4, 2010

Biggest Sales Secret You Could Be Using

You need more sales prospects? You need more customers? We all do don’t we? So how do you find those prize prospects? Where to you go to get your sales team the best matches to make presentations to?


There are 4 kinds of research you need to be doing to propel your sales to the next level.

1) Research your victories.
In order to get what you got (the good things) you need to be able to do it again. What kind of company is it? How big? What problems did you answer and solve? What moved it forward and what caused road blocks?

2) Research your losses. Unless you want to make the same mistakes again look over your loosed deals. Why were you not able to close it? What could you have done better?

3) Research your no decisions. When you’re looking everything over, don’t forget to look at when people made a no decision to buy. This way you can avoid the unnecessary expense to chasing after no-deals.

4) Research your non-starters. Examine the areas where companies did a deal with your competition and not you. Find out why your company was not even in the running for the project. Why where you left out of the bidding process.

Larson Notes & Satire: You can only learn a certain amount of information from the f2f opportunities. Each time you can take something out of your victories and defeats. By studding the information you can you will only make yourself better. Want we want to achieve is going from peak to peak, not valley to valley.

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