Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Direct Mail Multichannel Integration

Nothing can stand on its own. Direct mail is really no different in this respect. If you want better results you need to be integrating it with the rest of your marketing channels. The old advertising rule of thumb was that it takes 9 messages a person to get a new account and people miss 1 out of 3 so it takes 27 messages to get in front of a person.

Repetition is the key so a multichannel attack allows you to get your brand name in front of them enough that your message has a resounding ring to them when they need what you sell.

If you employ a variety of channels to communicate you can be at the edge of obnoxious and not seem that way because you are using multiple senses to attach them with.

Larson Notes & Satire: Did I say multiple sense attack. Mmmmm, smell? Yes and sound, sight, hearing and dare I say feel? Think how you can use the 5 senses to let people become better acquainted to you and your product. If you sell bread, could you use a scratch and sniff mailer? If you are a dj could you use a mailer with a song or jingle?

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