Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Assist Your Customer Relations With Social Media

People talk, oh yes they talk and, well they might just talk about your company if you give them a reason, and that can be good, or not.

Enter Social Media. In a way social media just made conversations that were already happening out there info a public forum and one that you can now participate in.

Facebook while the biggest is more of a closed network. Twitter is in freefall where anything and anybody is on display. Then there is the hybrid of the two extremes as found in LinkedIn.

If you are real and talk to people as people, you will start to find that as you work at it your SM presence will begin to grow, even though you are not putting more time or energy into it. Yet don’t go getting all caught up in the hype that surrounds SM. There is no right or wrong answers (except spamming your followers). Think about it in terms of the tactics and all the different channels you can connect with.

SM has a different way to behave and different ways to answer to. You want everything to be working in harmony. Online, web, blog, SEO, pay-for-click, direct mail, telemarketing and SM. The message you convey must be consistent. Every time, and in every way.

Keep your head on and keep looking forward.

Larson Notes & Satire: One message, many channels.

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