Thursday, February 25, 2010

Planned Cost Savings & Cost Reductions

83% of marketing professionals are looking at cost savings and reductions in their marketing efforts to stretch those precious dollars further.

Are you? If so see how your cuts compare with the “pros”.

75% - Challenging agencies to reduce internal expenses or costs
73% - Restriction department travel and expenses
53% - Reducing ad campaign production budgets
47% - Elimination or delaying new projects

Marketing Department Budget Reductions

41% - Planning a 1%-5% reduction
29% - Planning a 6%-10% reduction
23% - Planning a 11%-20% reduction
3% - Planning a 21%-30% reduction
4% - Planning over a 30% reduction

Source: Association of National Advertiser’s
Sample: 143 client-side marketers, January 2010

Larson Notes & Satire: Live on the wild side. All my working life has been in advertising and marketing. The first thing that gets cut in a recession even though everyone says that it shouldn’t.

Ok that is my life and I love it and live it. Make yourself so valuable that they cannot do without you and your services whatever they are. If your object is to break even on what you charge for your goods or services, take a hike. If you give a higher value back to your customer, then you will never loose.

Sitting here wondering if the ads for the Olympics were cut rate? What do you think?

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