Friday, January 9, 2009

Working on the Home Front

For 14 months now all associates of Larson & Associates have been working from a home based office. We still have things to do to streaming the process in regards to communication and interaction but it has been wonderful for all those concern. With various online tools we (and you) can make it happen. Land-line phones, laptop and cell phone they call come in to play.

Now our offices where we meet clients are called Starbucks, Caribou and Seattle Coffee. We don’t commute to work but walk 20 feet to our offices. It is so much easier to stay home than to fight the snow, salt trucks and the bad drivers. Slipping all the way to work. (It is snowing today btw)

We publish our news letter, deal with e-mail, accounting, customer service, technology and information and media services. This is not being lazy at home, it is about being more productive.

Many workers have similar options. Hewitt Associates, a Lincolnshire Illinois based human resources firm, found that 91 percent of 854employers surveyed offered some type of alternative work arrangements. Options included working from home/telecommuting (43 percent); compressed work schedule (29 percent) and flex time (63 percent).

About 45 million Americans work from home, according to TeleworkCoalition Inc., a nonprofit advocacy group based in Washington D.C. That’s up from about 41.5 million three years ago.

Larson note: It’s good and getting better. If you have options for working from home, or a 4 day work week look into it.

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*Source: Howard Larson, Larson & Associates, motivation services

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