Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Viking Laws (of marketing) of Life

Be Brave and Aggressive
BE direct: Don’t let your people guess what you’re up to or the directing your going. Tell them directly.
Grab all opportunities: When you see an opportunity go for it. Don’t play at it.
Use varying methods of attack: Don’t do the same thing time and time again. Be aggressive using all the means at your disposal.
Versatile and agile: Things change as you are going along in any marketing attack. Don’t think that just because you started with one plan you cannot change your mind. You competition sure won’t.
Attack one target at a time: Don’t spread yourself out too thin. Take one objective at a time. Once you have it, secure it than look for your next conquest.
Don’t plan everything in detail: Make an outline of your objective and the tools you might need to sue. Plan out your initial attack thoroughly but then be ready to change and adjust as you go.
Use top quality weapons: Use the best you can afford to use. Be these technology, ideas or people. Do the best get the best. It will pay off every time

Be Prepared
Keep weapons in good condition:
Don’t let your skills and technology get rusty. They need to be ready when you need then and not a minute later.
Keep in shape: Mentally, physically and spirituality. When your mind body and soul are all working in top condition so will your progress towards your objectives
Find good battle comrades: Surround yourself with the best people you can. Kept your people happy and they will follow you to the ends of the world.
Agree on important points:
Find points of agreement. When you and your team are on the same page working towards the same objective, looking out for each other’s backs, you will be safe.
Choose one chief: There can be only one commander, chief, warlord. If it’s you lead, if it’s not you follow and be the best follower you can. Lean the skills so when your time comes to lead you will know and understand all that was there to learn.

Be a good merchant
Find out what the market needs: Ask questions. Send out scouts. Listen.
Don’t promise what you can’t keep or do: Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Don’t demand overpayment: Be fair in all undertakings. If you gouge your customers you might get away with it, once maybe twice but it will catch up on you and when that happens you will have lost a customer for life.
Arrange things so that you can return: Always leave on good terms. Maybe Cortez burnt his ships so his men could not go back to them but you don’t have to. Keep your bridges strong and secure so when you need to follow the same route again (and again) they will be there for you.

Keep the camp in order
Keep things tidy and organized:
Know where things are so when you need them they will be there for you. Every minute looking for something is a minute lost and never regained. It could cost you the customer
Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group: All work and no play make’s Johnny a dull boy. When attacking, attack but there must be down time. Don’t forget to play along the way.
Make sure everybody does useful work: Don’t give out busy work. Put value to things and importance to activities. And don’t let yourself left out of some of the grunt work, It will keep you shape and help your people admire you and teach them that no task is too small.
Make sure everyone does “their” work: We all have tasks that go with our station and titles. Make sure your work is done and done right. Lead by example and make sure that your people are doing theirs. Have them do reports if necessary but even in these make them have a purpose in your companies statistics.
Consult all members of the group for advice: When faced with a task, be it large or small ask for advice and ideas. This will allow your people to buy into the company’s direction and attack. But be carefull not to have people fearful not to speak them mind. You don’t want yes men but honest brave men

Larson note: I rule my company Period. The buck starts and stops on the ebony throne upon which I sit. But when making plans I consult and implement ideas for my associates so that they have ownership in what is happening. Each of us keeps our ears toward the market looking for areas to advance and attack for ourselves and our clients. People who follow me on a regular basis as well as friends and coworkers know that I will say things to tweak (or twit) their noses to make them think out of the box. I’ll bate them to think harder. Even if I don’t a certain viewpoint I might just say something to get a reaction. Not only is it fun, but thought provoking. Push, pull drag crawl to each victory, for in war and sales there is no 2nd place.

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*Source: Larson & Associates, Norwegian Singers Association of America

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