Monday, January 12, 2009

Can Your Service Center be used for sales?

With the current economic climate, most companies are looking to existing customers for sales growth. I can only say yes to this. These are people who know you, love you and have bought from you in the past. A (or should be) much easier sell. If don’t right, and I do mean right, transitioning your contact center to be trained to make sales up selling is a natural move to utilize your people better.

1st the foundation for a strategic service center is (usually) a well run part of your operation. To improve productivity into sales managers and people need visibility into their performance and how THEY are helping the client not pushing things down the throat of a client. Remember your best customer service people are about helping and solving problems for clients not selling to them. In fact they hate it when they are asked to sell.

2nd achieve service excellence. You cannot sell a client anything that did not get good service in the first place. If there is anything that makes you stand out from your competition it is what we call “First call resolution” or taking care of the problem on the first call. Do this and you are well on your way to a better client relationship but warning you need to empower your people to be able to do this. Nothing gets a client angry (at least me if I am your client) then to have to ask to speak to a manager to get any satisfaction.

Finally you can turn almost any situation into a great one if you have a foundation of great service.

Larson note: Don’t make customer service people sales people. They hate it. But do let them be a customer helper, a spokesman for the customer and together with sales find a solution to ANY (almost) problem a client might have with one of your widgets. Help more, and as a result sell more.

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