Friday, December 20, 2013

The Soon To Be Centerpiece Of Social Media

It’s coming to a Social Media Platform near you. Native Ads. Soon, all advertising on social media will be native in-stream ads. The right side banners will disappear.

Here's why we are so certain:

At BIA/Kelsey, which is forecasting that $11 billion will be spent on social ads in 2017 and 40% will be going to native ads, Jed Williams, who is the author of the forecast, said: "if I was to re-forecast the native ad market today, would we project it growing larger at a faster rate? Certainly."

In-stream native ads look, feel, and function totally seamlessly across both mobile and PC platforms> This is exactly what company’s want, as they struggle to build cross-platform campaigns.

On mobile's smaller screens, makes getting the stream just right the experience. Mobile ad spend was up 83% last year, to $8.9 billion globally.

Twitter has started native-social with Promoted Tweets in early 2010. Twitter now offers a suite of three different in-stream native ad products.

LinkedIn is making major investments in its native strategy and Pinterest is piloting native ads on its platform.

I have to believe image and video sharing networks such as Pinterest, will soon be offering some kind of native ads, of course centered on pictures. Photos are after all the most shared kind of content on the Web; 43% of internet users have shared at least 1 photo in the past month.

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