Thursday, December 19, 2013

Harmonize Your Marketing

When you market your company no matter what kind of channels you might be using: telemarketing, direct mail, content, blog, social media, just like an orchestra they all need to be working together, be in tune. It is a fact that when musical instruments are in tune they really do sound louder than if they are even the slightest bet out of tune. Each element like a different instrument all part of a perfect harmony.

Your  marketing plan has different instruments,  like violins, oboes, French horns, cellos, but also different “chairs” in the orchestra, like 1st chair, 2nd chair, etc, those being not just the marketing department but also customer service, sales, product service developers, and yes ever the “suites” have a stake in the performance and need to play a note or two.

And don’t forget the audience out there. Male, female, be they 20 year olds or 48. Some have site impairment some don’t, i.e. what are they receiving your message on phone, mail box, lap top, desk top, I phone? So yes find out what channel or the way the customer (not you) prefer to communicate. Remember ever the mighty Google uses direct mail so sell Ad Words.

Use cross – channel management for your cross-channel marketing to get a single message out. Sadly those people, the one’s that understand traditional marketing are getting fewer and farther apart. The old rules still hold. It’s only the medium that has changed. You need to know the rules before you have the Knowledge to break them.

Lastly, getting back the message, one message across the entire band width and you have a start to achieve the harmony you need.

Larson Notes & Satire: 

Need insight and direction for your social media marketing? Take a look at Linked Local Network:

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No data?
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