Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Areas of Marketing Growth For 2014

So what is everyone thinking of doing for 2014 in the way of marketing? In samples we have seen and collected we have found:

Marketing Spending Will Grow
45% of all companies expect to be increasing their Marketing budget
30% of all companies are increasing their spending on what is called “Big Data” technologies and
21% of all companies will be increasing spending on Big Data analytic services
 5.3% is the projected growth of global advertising spending
There will be over $135 Billion spent in 2014 on new digital marketing and
72% of those Marketers who use PayPerCick are planning to increase their budget (before you go down that path look at Linked Local Networks Signature Landing Pages  for $1.00 a day you can see your page rise almost daily in organic searches 18% in 3 weeks)
$531 Billion is the expected growth in global advertising spending
$110 Billion is the expected digital media growth
 2.9% overall growth in U.S. advertising spending.
46% growth in subscription of programs, books, electronics, etc)
158% increase in click-through rates for email that start with a social media shaping button
29% growth in content marketing
19% growth in e-commerce retail sales from mobile
12% worldwide growth of smartphones
18% worldwide growth of tablets.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Need insight and direction for your social media marketing? Take a look at Linked Local Network:

Through this tool we have a system that through the power of the group, because as a landing page that is a page within a page you have other’s puling raw leads in your direction. Really it’s true. Companies that are using a Sig Page are seeing 30% to 40% more web activity on their existing web sites. And we have seen those companies web sites getting a 22.1% lowering (the lower the score the better) in their Alexa rankings!

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