Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making More Out Facebook

With 500 million users a business should not sit back ignore Facebook. Are you?

And if you are out there, you might be asking yourself, now what?

I talked a few weeks ago about the collection of the 3 F words “friends” “fans” and “followers” . You did that right? Good!

Now, as you work to further enhance your businesses Facebook base by collecting all those “friends” “fans” and “followers”, working at making it a positive experience for them to connect with you. Yet at the same time I believe you need to consider using some SEO practices.

First, your name. I know mine is rather bad with but then I am me and I don’t care. ( lol ) Really I do. I am pushing the Larson name as my brand so really that is just want I want to do. Yes, I want you to talk about Larson & Associates around your kitchen table.

After your name work on your “about” and “info” sections. You want to incorporate the key words or what you are trying to attract like I do with Telemarketing and Telesales. If you make and sell cookies, use the word cookies or chocolate chip cookies, or if in insurance use the word insurance or benefits provider.

Next in the “info” section get copy happy. This is a very crawlable part of your page and you want it to be full of what you want to attract!

Remember when it comes to text, copy and links more content usually equals more value to the search spiders. Pages that have lots of copy and content are thought of to be more valuable and rated higher in and by the search engines. So think about adding more tabs other than the “info” and “about” mentioned above. Adding more copy heavy tab sections will or should benefit your pages ratio of text and help your ranking. As long as you keep it “White Hat” you will be ok.

Then remember this is a part of the Social Media Marketing world and you need to be posting regularly and things that your “friends” “fans” and “followers” find relevant. You want not just gobs of “friends” “fans” and “followers” but you want there page views and comments as well.

Then tie it all together. Search Engines DO view the number of links that point to a page as a major criteria of ranking a page. To do that make sure your Facebook page and your non-Facebook pages are linked together as much and as often as possible. The more links your page has pointing to it from other sources the better it is.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Show me the love. It’s not just sports athletes that want you to show your love, its businesses as well. See me, fan me, comment me and I will thank you.

If you need help in making your page more attractable to the Search Engine Spiders give us a call. We have ways to get things done.

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