Thursday, June 16, 2011

ROI in Social? Just Show Me The Money!

They pour in, more and more each day. Marketers that want to or are using Social Media Marketing. They hear about it. They think that this is the ticket to help their sluggish sales. (The Larson Lead Generation Team could set them straight on getting more sales but they aren’t asking good old Uncle Howie) So guess again. A large percentage of professional marketers, 58% find that not being able to get a handle on the metrics of Social Media as a major problem. Is it? Most (75%) don’t even try. And if they can’t measure it they seem to not be able to understand it.

For those few that do, the key metrics was listing to the Social buzz (61%), Branding (61%) Customer feedback (53%). SEO (52%), Lead generation (51%), and product or event generation (50%).

As for what is most important to these same marketers?
26% LinkedIn
20% Twitter
20% Facebook
14% Community
13% Blogging*

*Larson voted blogging

Just remember these are B2B marketers not B2C so LinkedIn is going to be more important.

Larson Notes & Satire: As for ROI off of Social Media? There is only one yes one figure that makes any real difference SALES!

Better ROI off of Social Media? We here at Larson's are going to be making special landing pages for each of the Big 4 sites we work. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MerchantCircle to track the hits coming into our web site. Is this perfect? No. But it might give us a better handle on where our hits are coming from. If you have a better idea I would love to hear about it. Last week our unique hits took a 33% spike in activity. I am thinking this is off of Twitter but I cannot be sure.

At the same time we got 1 new account. Now that is what I really like to track, sales!

Remember our 3 new programs for 2011
1st is our Virtual Sales Manager Program.
2nd our Sales Function Outsourcing Program
3rd our Virtual Business Consulting Program

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