Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friends, Followers, Fans

The 3 F words, Friends, Followers, Fans. Do they mean anything or affect your business at all?

Last count my Facebook Fan Page had 232 fans. On LinkedIn I was standing at 613 and on MerchantCircle 1504 Connections, and Twitter at a massive 3106 and all growing. Does it do any good? Does it bring me business? Sales? Qualified leads?

The biggest thing on Social Media is for companies to go around and collect the 3 F’s. Some of them count the ROI on Social Media by how many F’s they have collected. Those of us that have been in the Social Media world for a while, know better, but still keep our eye on what is happening and changing with our numbers. It’s like, you never know who can or could turn into the bedrock account.

Why do I still do it? Eyeballs. I want more eyeballs on me. I want to be seen, not for myself gratification and ego but because the more eyeballs that are seeing me and my posts get a better shot I have at striking a cord that would make them want to buy some of what I sell.

Now, let’s be honest here just between you and me. The numbers game is simple, comfortable and so very countable. Yet research shows that fewer than 20% or your fans, my fans, every ones fans that go and “like”a page ever return to it. Ouch. Again, when I think about it, if I am honest with myself, I’ll take that 20%. If I could take that 20% to to the bank with 46.6 fans active on my page it would be a happy day with a better than not chance to get them become money paying customers. Some say likes are useless hits and wasted page views and an overall drain on resources. Again I disagree. I have my pages out there for all to see. I have no secret stuff. So what is the loss? ZERO!

There is no harm in spiking up your numbers of F’s. Just be ready to nurture them if all those companies and people decide to get active.

Larson Notes & Satire: When dealing with the 3 F’s think about the nurturing that you might want to be putting into it. Use the comments as places of interaction. Take those shares and engage your now broader audience. Remember this is Social Media Marketing so you need to be heavy on the SOCIAL …please.

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