Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Your Image Counts

You’re out there on the web, in the mail, face to face, handing out business cards at networking events, doing whatever it takes to find that elusive customer.

Start by protecting your base. Ya, make sure what got already is secure. Keep your name, your company, your brand secure in the eyes of your current customers and prospects. This is your bread and butter. This is what is putting the bacon on the table. Don’t lose track of what you got. Love them, kiss their babies, take them out to breakfast and or lunch.

As you start on an expansion phase in your business you will need to put in extra time. Why extra, so you keep your base secure. You will need to need to keep a hard eye on social and twitter talk. If someone reaches out, you need to be there to answer. If you get a referral you need to be there to make the connection. If you get slammed you need to answer the attack.

A new blog, a new social media site to keep track of, going out and reading and posting onto other blogs, reading and then answering forum questions in some to the social media sites you are already in, starting a newsletter (online or print), putting the final touches to a new brochure or completing and sending out that mailer you have been talking about forever. All good ways to protect your image and your territory.

Expand your personal expertise. You can increase the total value of you and your companies brand by finding every and I mean every opportunity within your present area of skill and knowledge. You know things that other people don’t. You really do. Let people know you are willing to share your knowledge with then in return you might get some good exposure as an expert in your field. If you can dominate the area of knowledge in and on the different Social Media sites you’re involved in one and a time, you will own that area, you will be known as the resident expert. People will turn and come to you for your knowledge. Just make sure that you have customers or prospects and that your target market is in and on the site or you will be just wasting your time. Just spinning your wheels in a Chicago show drift.

Boost your visibility. As your reach out, touching people at their level you will be increasing your overall visibility. Work for a Big Dog company; ask the powers that be if you can produce your own personal product and services blog. If you are in a small company ask your boss, and more times than not they will jump for joy, heaping lavish praise on you for being so proactive and taking something off their plate. I know I would.

Larson Notes & Satire: Remember the higher up on the visibility ladder you go the more of your butt is exposed. If you’re ready to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, step out and make it happen. The world is filled with so many people who talk talk talk then do nothing. I’d rather see a person do do do and not toot their own horn about it. Nothing wrong with talking if you are a doer. Just don’t be an empty potato sack. You toot people will see, they will stand up and notice that you are a doer, a winner, a succeeded. If you can push your self to do one more thing a day your ahead of the competaion. Now just think, if you did one more thing before you started work in the morning, one more thing at lunch time, and one more thing before you sign off for the day, where would your business and career go?

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