Friday, December 31, 2010

A Job For The New Year

My last blog of the year. My head has been going all over the place on what to write. Predictions. Heck I’m no expert. I have been reading experts predictions in the papers and magazines for the last month. You don’t need me to tell you what to expect in 2011. Well in scanning over the various papers and magazines in my stack of stuff, maybe you do, but not today. Today is about jobs and job creation. Unemployment is down. Yes it is and that is a good thing, but is it? From up in the Ivory Tower I see 3.6 million people in the States alone who have just dropped out of searching for a job. Yet I see the GPA growing at 2.6 up to 5%.

So what should happen over the next year in your businesses? Are you really going to gown and take charge of your business and your life? Or are you going to stand on the sidelines hoping the government is going to do something about the mess we are in? The choice is yours and no one else’s. Even your significant other cannot make this choice for you.

Larson Notes & Satire: Personally I would always tell you to consult with your significant other. I know I do much better when Mrs. Larson is going in the same way I am. I am not saying that I rubber stamp everything she says and wants or she does the same to me but if we are pulling in the same direction using our unique differences we are going to get there much faster that if we are pulling at opposite directions.

Take loans, be them business, personal or credit cards. I hate paying interest. I mean I hate it with a passion! I am not against banks and the reason they charge interest although credit card interest rates are WAY TO HIGH, which is why my goal is to have every loan paid off, except my mortgage (which is tax deductable) by the end of 2011. At the same time 2 “Little Larson’s” will be graduating from College this spring, yes the proud Papa here.

Now to the real topic, JOBS. This country, this wonderful world of ours needs jobs and job growth and job creation. I plan to do my part by growing my business carefully and in the context of my business plan and at the same time create the opportunity for at a minimum 6 people working in new positions by the end of 2011 in the Land of Larson. Now what are 6 positions to what I believe is 7.2 million Americans that are out of work? A drop in the bucket. But in taking on the responsibility of 7 people and I do take it as a responsibility to them and their family to maintain them and grow with them and keep a safe, happy, non stressful working atmosphere, I will by my best guess be providing another 18 to 54 jobs at client companies which will equal between 25 to 61 jobs. Now we are talking aren’t we? And those are private sector jobs. No tax dollars used to support them.

My 2011 business plan has a lot more ideas in it. Some are not for public consumption. Yes I have some secret stuff to unleash at my competition. (HA HA HA (that was an evil laugh)) Other ideas will come out publically as the New Year comes in.

Come with me for the ride. I know where I am going. Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way. As for me, I would rather be leading.

So for now have a wonderful New Year’s Weekend. Be safe and with the advent of 2011 let’s all be in control of our own lives, and live to the fullest in God’s blessings and abundant grace!

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