Monday, December 13, 2010

How Much Should You Expect?

If there is any danger in delving into the world of Social Media Marketing it is expecting too much. Once you have allocated the time and the effort necessary to get involved, how much and how fast of a payback do you anticipate getting?

Social Media Marketing (heavy on the social, light on the marketing please) is about trying to engage with the customer in conversations that are important to them in regards to your product or service. If there is any insight I can give you here, it is that you need to keep your other working channels of marketing going forward and use Social Media for the interaction tool it is. Use the tools that are made to hammer home your message hammering away. Be Lars the Carpenter and swing that hammer hard! Keep your direct mail, keep your email campaign, Keep that telemarketing program in place and support it, back it up with your high touch Social Media Marketing program.

Each touch makes a difference. Hard core marketing to find and grab their attention and High touch to sooth their pain. By mixing your tools up and using them in the way they are meant to be used you will find the real ROI of Social Media going up to become cost effective and cost justifiable.

Larson Notes & Satire: You can’t sit the in your ivory tower and beat on people all the time. As easy as hammering your message home is, and it is much easier than stepping down into the masses to actually interact and talk to your customers and would-be customers.

Interaction takes work, honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. If you are not true to your words when you get out of your tower and have to talk to people you might find yourself on the front line of criticism. I know I have. I know I have a way of working both in and out of Social Media. If you have followed me for any length of time you know I am hammering my message out there, at times inappropriately but then if you say something to me, via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email or whatever, I stop and respond and we can have a good conversation.

Again if you know me, I am not politically correct, I speak my mind, I am highly opinionated, but will fight tooth and nail to preserve you and I, the right to our individual feelings and beliefs. If I annihilate you from becoming my customer, well it is probably just as well because you would not last long as a Larson customer. Either you would fire me or I would fire you, and yes I do fire customers! The point is when you hire Larson & Associates as your marketing company you are really hiring me and my ideas no matter who in the Larson team is working on your account, you are getting my way of thinking and my doing things.

I am a capitalist and business is business. Business with a heart? Well. . . . . see me on February 14th.

Howard Larson
Larson & Associates
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Bargain Express said...

So are you telling us not to "spam" our followers on facebook with 5 ads a day? I get lots of that and no social comments! I try to only send items to fb once or twice a week - maybe. I use other tools for heavy marketing. As for pc talk - please continue to "keep it real", Howard - you do such a fabulous job :)

Larson and Associates said...

There is Spam and there is Spam. If you go and Fan my facebook page and I post 5 times a day on it. Is that spam? I don't think so. If I take my entire Facebook list and EMAIL out to it. That is spam.