Friday, December 24, 2010

Get Personal

Getting and keeping a personal marketing campaign is if nothing else the one key element that Social Media Marketing should have taught us over the course of the last year. Your customers and prospects want to be seen, noticed and appreciated for being their own unique self. Social Media allows us to do that in a very one on one way.

Can the same be true of the other forms of advertising and marketing?

If you know me and what I push it is and has been Telemarketing-Direct Mail and Social Media / Web Site Marketing.

The personalizing of print can become closer to reality with the advent of variable data and profiling to make the right offer to the right demographic group. Telemarketing, can you get much more personal other than a face to face sales call?

But what about the rest? Web, mobile, video print, radio?

The primary point of your marketing campaign is to keep a consistent message in line with who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Consistency of message, consistency of creative, consistence of content, consistency of look, consistency of feel.

If there is just one element that is missing that would be real-time tracking and analytics for each campaign or element of your campaign that you have.

Larson Notes & Satire: So now I have to be real with people? Oh no! I have to talk to them like they matter? If I have learned one thing in life, that would be to not live a lie. Be who I am every time, all the time. That might not make me politically correct, but guess what. If you are around me long enough you’re going to know who I feel about things. Everything. Even the nasty taboo things like religion and politics. But you will also know that I don’t care what race, creed or color you are. Look at me, I’m a graying blond who was lucky enough to marry a better woman than I probably deserve.

Getting back to marketing just be real and personal.

I got an email from a “friend” on one the Social Media sites pushing their product on me. That’s ok I’m more than open to being hit on. In fact I love it because I can see and feel your technique to see if I want to borrow any elements from it. Sad thing was that what they were offering was in direct competition with one of the elements my company does. Worse yet, it came across as if they had not even read my profile page let alone even gazed at my web site. Oh no, someone did not do any homework on a prospect, ME. Now if you want to get into old Uncle Howie’s wallet you had better hit old Uncle Howie’s buttons one my needs, wants and desires.

As for me and my company I sell one thing and only one thing, new customers and qualified leads to deserving companies. We make good companies great and great companies even better. Does your company deserve to be a Larson customer? Maybe for Christmas, Santa will give you a Larson Lead Generating Program.

Just for you, no partridge in a pear tree or a couple of turtle doves. No 8 maids milking some cows in your conference room (unless you’re from Wisconsin) or 12 drummers drumming though your office just our 12 Days Of Xmas Telemarketing Special Get 12% more calling time at no extra charge to any 2 month program 12/26/10 thru 1/6/11 / only 1 award per day.

Howard Larson
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Making good businesses great and great businesses even better

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