Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Trends For 2010

Of all the Web services that are offered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one that is surrounded by the most mystique. Considering that success and failure is a moving target to get the “best” ranking and at the same time the Search Engines change the rules as you “play” it is no wonder it is a puzzlement to the general web browsing world.

When we take for example the news that Google and Bing are going to start indexing Twitter, it gives a question to what will be the affect on SERP’s (search engine results page), is a reason for businesses to get involved in social media marketing and networking, as we see that over all affect of their (our) SEO strategy.

When someone goes and reviews or comments on your company or product that conversation may just start appearing in a search result. Talk about scary stuff, huh? This will increase your visibility and reputation (for the good or bad) and you will be entirely out of control. So in short the ultimate driver of (your) web site traffic will be your online conversations. This could become the best way to get discovered by consumers and prospects.

As it has evolved over, mainly, the last 2 years and even more so in 2009, SM is influencing SEO practices. In this area dollar costs for marketing go down BUT time costs can go way up!

Another important area is that instead of manipulating keywords, content and links, SEO plans will need to rely on “digital asset optimization” or taking stock of the content you produce such as your blog, your posts, etc. and optimizing it for the appropriate channels such as YouTube or Google.

Keeping all this information bouncing around in your head, SEO strategy moves from one approach to multi-channel manipulation. One channel manipulation that the SEO companies have been relying on is drying up as the loopholes that they have learned to manipulate are closing. Rather than focusing on keywords and links, write better content for your site, make better posts, write more pointed blogs. You and I need to beat the manipulation pros by being smarter and more creative in how you create and promote your content.

Larson Notes & Satyr: When thinking of SEO for 2010 and SERP we need to be focusing on keywords used, building links and writing good content, which will all attract links in and of its own accord. We are taking of content not just as spider food but as prospect engagers. You need to get your prospects to engage with your service and brand so eventually as they talk online about you your page rises to the top.

Now the question is, what page? Your web site, one of your SM pages or your blog? Key here is to put links on your SM and Blog pages back to your web site and at the same time give good solid content and information.

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