Friday, January 8, 2010

Real Time Web SEO’s

Another behind the scenes event that was going on over the last year was “real-time Web”. This is a search engine with results based on recent information that is flowing over the web, things that are happening and changing each and every second. Traditional Search Engines move around web sites real-time search results are powered by people working the web with real-time search results and their current thoughts on those topics.

There are several categories of Search Queries from which we can benefit from a real-time web search. If you are a sports fan and your team, say the Black Hawks, just won over the Boston Bruins, a real-time search would allow you to see what other fans are saying in real time, on any number of sites, posts and blogs. Same holds true with a national disaster. You get real time answers and adv ice.

Businesses are taking notice of this. I need to assume you are involved in and with twitter. Twitter offers a search function on its site to hand you twits I real time.

The bottom line is that there is a major challenge for real-time search engines. On the traditional Web, a search leads to profits as advertisers and marketers experience conversion rates based on pay-per-click (ppc). However as advertisers want to come up on product related searches and if a major portion of teal-time Web searches are informational based what is going to happen? Will the relevancy of advertisers who will pay a price for PPC become diluted? Or will they move from sites that push real-time to sites that do not?

Google and Bing recently announced plans to include some real-time results in their searches! Web companies are facing a big problem. Anyone can have their voice heard on real time, but what makes it so powerful is that you and I can, if we use SM correctly can rise to the top. At the same time this tool also has a major down side and that is SPAMMERS. At the same time more sources are being actively seen due to real-time, so too will the SPAMMER manipulate this wonderful marketing advancement.

While today’s searches are probably suited for the traditional search engines, the vast potential for real-time gives rise to a whole new way to use the web.

Larson Notes & Satire: I have already stopped truncating my web site on twitter so my full URL is posted. To be indexed by the real-time Web you NEED to be active on places like Twitter, Facebook, Dig, Nings, MerchantCircle and all the other SM sites. Make timely status updates and relative posts that are important to your business and your product/service line. What is happening now in your business and industry. What common interests to you have with your prospects and customers? Add that to the idea that your business must have some authority behind it and you’re on your way. ON Twitter for example you will benefit by having as many followers in your specialty niches as possible. That way if you post something of quality and it gets retwitted, the real-time Search Engines will start to take over and give you even more exposure.

Traditional search engines don’t alter results very often so a first page ranking usually takes a long time to get and then can remain there for months or even years. With real time Web, first page rankings can come and go at the blink of an eye. Is this what SM marketing has been leading us to. Now I can only start to sit back and smile at my time I spent on how to make and work all the SM sites I’m in. Yes, maybe, just maybe my (your) time has come.

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