Friday, January 29, 2010

Real-Time Search Is Changing Everything

I have been talking about this one on and off since the first to the year; Real-Time Search. It’s here and it’s for real! Google and Bing have “officially” jumped into Real-Time, taking full advantage of partnerships and the ever changing face of SEO. If you do a search on Google you will now see a sizable part of the page dedicated to Real-Time search. This is not a static search result now but a scrolling, live update of content from all across the web about what you are looking for. Real time updates will continue to be taking up more and more of your screen space and in some cases the results will be very close to filling the search findings. As it stands today your company’s organic listing might have already changed dramatically in the findings. When did you last check? While the total number of results does not appear to have changed much, where you sit has or will if you are not active in the world of SM, blogs and the like.

Larson Notes & Satire: This is big struff going on here. Why do you think I posted my profile on over 50 SM sites as well as a bunch of ning sites? It was not for fun! It means getting to work on improving your web actions, your web active involvement. It means getting ontop of your real-time and social media initiatives now because they now take on a new impoortnce in your overall SEO strategy. Yes all that time you “waisted” in your SM sites are now become very important to you and your company! You’re in there with the knowledge (and yes active knowledge is power) on how to use SM while your competition is sitting there looking at there computer screen, scratching there heads saying; “What happened?” Anyone need someone to be writing and posting to their companies blog?

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