Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Direct Mail Works When The Target Is Gone

Direct mail has a cost that you need to be able to handle in this recession, and it is easy to put snail mail and park it as a bad way to market but I beg to differ.

Experience shows that many B2B marketing campaigns actually have a better ROI (Return On Investment) than an email campaign when done as a standalone unit. E-Mail is less expensive so why? Consider this first direct mail lists are more plentiful and generally cleaner that an e-mail list you might get.

Second, most of us are still mush more accepting of unsolicited mail than we are of unsolicited email at work.

Third, direct mail will still get delivered even if the intended receiver is no longer employed with the company. Email gets turned off. If you think of the millions of people who are no longer employed, those in a buyers position probably had an email address which is now a dead bounce back. Btu someone still has a job there (unless the whole company is now unemployed) and is doing the task that was being down by the person you were trying to contact. Good chance the mail, your mail, will go to them.

Forth, is because direct mail features an almost unlimited number of creative possibilities that can allow it to stand out from your every day mail.

Larson Notes: Not everything has gone up in price over the last year. It is a fact that direct mail has actually decreased in the last year as paper mills and printers are struggling to keep their equipment running. If you can, now is a great time to test the market with direct mail and see if it is a good ROI for your company.

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