Friday, November 20, 2009

5 Marketing Ideas To Try

Here are 5 proven marketing ideas to test in your next program.

Being a Chicago Ad Man I know that every one starts on the same level playing field. We all have the same list access, we all have the same creative talent base to tap off of, so what makes us different in our results?


Here are 5 classic ideas you might be overlooking.

Big Format: The first idea is to go big. In direct mail big is usually better. By enlarging the size of your direct mail packages form a #11 to a #12 or maybe going up to a 9”x12”. If you are using postcards try an oversized postcard.

An Innovation: People love to be invited to events. It could be a seminar, a special sale offer, a new product offering.

Popular Offer: Tell people this is your most popular offer and that supplies are limited. If they know everyone once else has it, wants it and its in limited supply. . .

Involvement: Get your prospect involved in the offer. Stickers, stamps, click backs make them part of the program

Personalization: As Dale Carnegie said, “Nothing is sweeter to anyone than the sound of their own name.” With today’s digital presses you have can have the power of personal flexibility in your marketing.

You may not like the ideas I have presented here. Ok. So how do you find you great big idea? First study your competition. What are your competitors doing? Second, do some research. When you do a little looking you might find that one idea that lets everything else fall into place. Talk to your sales people, talk to your customers talk to your prospects. They will tell you what they want.

Larson Notes: It only takes 1. One big idea to double your sales. Be brave, be brash be audacious!

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