Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can-Spam Compliance is not Guaranteed Delivery

Just because you are a good soldier and comply with the Can-Spam act and guidelines does not mean you are getting through to your targeted addresses.

Can you really be surprised to learn that this is not a guarantee that IPS’s can, will or must deliver your emails> ISP’ filters weed out both compliant and non-compliant email messages based on their criteria not yours.

When a user hits the “spam” button (even if only to but the content in their bulk mail file) the ISP records this as a black mark against you. As you gather more and more subscribers to your (legal) list, they have expectations to what kind of content you are sending out. Tell them up front what you are sending and how often. Also let your subscribers know who they will be hearing from, the email address you are using. E-mail too often and you are a pest, to seldom and they will forget they ever signed up.

When a subscriber wants to be off your list let them. Give them complete and easy to follow unsubscribe instructions. The object is to get through to as many subscribers as you can, not hold onto 1 person who does not want to be on any more.

By following these and other email marketing practices you will meet Can-Spam requirements and get your message thorough. And that is what e-marketing is all about.

Larson Notes: It can be a newsletter, and PR blast on a new product, but keep one thought at the top of your mind. Email is best for things you want 24 action on.

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