Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Things to Start Up Or Run A Business

It has been a dream of yours for years, starting or running your very own business. It is a dream that is shared by many people. Even with the economy in in the dumps there is never a good or a bad time to take the plunge. I have 5 things you should consider to hit the ground running. When getting started, you will have a better idea upfront whether your plans will fly or not by answering these 5 simple questions. If you want to succeed, here they are.

To discover how to start, run, or manage your own business, start here.

1. Find Out What People Really Want
 Go finger but all to many business owners don’t even think about this. Before starting out, find out what your customers or clients really want. What do you think they will buy, and buy it from you? Take a look around and see what other businesses in your industry are selling. Can you make enough of a change to make you unique or make it look new? Ask yourself how can you make it better, faster, less expensive? If you give people what they want, find ways to let them know and you should do fine.

2. Solve People's Problems Look around you. Everywhere people are trying to solve problems, their problems. They could care less about your problems but I can tell you a secret, you solve their problems and your problems will go away as well.

3. Learn How Business Really Works To be successful, it's a good idea to have basic business knowledge on the inner workings of a successfully run business.  Successful business owners learn about things like bookkeeping, advertising, and marketing and  sales and marketing, taxes and financial planning are also good things to know a little bit about.  I'm not talking about becoming an expert in all areas;  but a good foundation so you'll know if the business advice you're getting from the so called experts makes sense to youyou’re your business or not. It's your business. What can you learn and know can only help you to succeed.
 4. Great Customer Service Like I need to say anything? Great customer service is important to the success of your business. What you do after the sale is even more important than the initial sale. Decide upfront what your return and refund policies will be. Who much atomomy will your associates have in dealing with customers? How will you handle customer complaints? Once you find out what the lifetime value of a customer is, you will soon see it's in your best interest to keep them happy. Your customers and clients are the life-blood of your business Don't be afraid to try different and unusual ways of keeping their interest in you and your products or services. How can you improve your customer service today?

 5. Don't Be Afraid to Start Small Many of the large corporations you see today came out of very humble beginnings. You see them now as big companys, but most started as a small acorns growing into the Oak Trees they now are. Use all the resources you have at hand to bootstrap your business start-up. Today's most successful entrepreneurs went from adversity to success by being resourceful and using what they had with great care.

Even if you feel you have nothing when you start out, if you can keep these 5 rules in mind and you will keep yourself out of most problems. One good idea lead to the nets bring you to business freedom.

Larson Notes & Satire:  Take some time to look around. Opportunities may be as right in front of your nose. Ask around. Be curious. Talk to people. All you need is one, just one good idea If possible find yourself a business mentor no matter how old you are. Seek out someone who has been where you are now and can help you discover how to start, run and manage a successful business.

“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”

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