Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving on to using telemarketing in combination with Social Media can be very powerful.

Telemarketing is an old school marketing tactic. Social Telemarketing is new, very new approach. When used together and done right it can combine the power of telemarketing for lead generation with information taken from your 3F connections on your social media sites.

If you have ever picked up the phone and called a connection from Facebook, LinkedIn MerchantCircle or a Ning site or even just responded to a tweet you might be already starting or have an understanding of how powerful this marketing activity is or could be.

Social & Telemarketing puts a structure around that concept, combines with professional telemarketing skills and practices, and broadens the range to monitor pretty much most conversations online!

When telemarketing is done correctly it delivers results with a very superior return on investment (ROI). This will of course vary by industry, product or service, timing, and target audience but it is one of the best “attack” modes in marketing while most others are asking for the prospect to pick up the phone on their own volition. The trick is to figure out where telemarketing will deliver the biggest bang for your buck. The same is true for the combination of Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing.

Keep in mind, a straight Telemarketing program goes out where you have a prospect data list of companies in a certain area, or industry matching a list in the best way possible.

Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing combines the power of telemarketing for lead generation with information and connections on your social media platforms.

If you already pick up the phone to call a connection on LinkedIn or respond to a tweet you will already understand the powerful this activity can be.

Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing puts the structure you need in a telemarketing program, and believe me you need to work in an orderly fashion to be any good at telemarketing into the free flowing concept of Social and the off-the-wall prospect controlled climate it sends you into. It combines telemarketing skills and practices, and takes them to a broader level to work and monitor conversations online!

When you think about it, it’s no wonder that businesses are accepting the concept of Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing or at least are thinking that way on an individual level. The point is, it’s a winning combination you can afford not to engage in. It is more of a question of who, when and how someone is going to be doing this for your business and how you are going to integrate into your sales and marketing structure.

The most typical challenges with Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing tend to be:
•It’s not very practical to sit in front of a computer all day to monitor conversations.
•Subscribing to social media monitoring tools is still a pricey for an individual license or for small volume of conversations.
•Working through search results gotten without the use of social media monitoring takes up a lot of time that maybe should be spent in other places.
•Even if there was an ideal alert for a telemarketing call, who wants to be the one to actually make the cold call!
•Going though and actually calling the prospects on your 3F list checks still need to be done and they are still cold calls.

Larson Notes & Satire: Using Larson’s as your Telemarketing / Social Media Marketing provides you with a cost effective way of becoming a major player:

• We are effective in social media monitoring
• We can give you a lower cost than if done in house
•We just happen to love cold calling!
•We are professionals use to calling C-Suite executives in a professional way with an awareness of social media and high profile calling.
• We can offer you support to let you integrate this information into sales and marketing processes and a CRM system
•We can work with you to internal social media activities that are not suitable for calling.

The benefits to you in using a Telemarketing / Social Media Marketing attack are:
• You have access to immediate leads from highly targeted cold calling turning them into more qualified prospects
•You can get a higher ROI (probably better than most other sales and marketing activities)
• You can provide a quicker more timely response to prospects
• You give out an increased brand awareness
• You build upon the impression you have already made as one of their 3F’s.
• You are working in a world of an ongoing sales pipeline of high quality leads

The benefits of using the Telemarketing / Social Media Marketing combo over straight Telemarketing.
•There are fewer barriers to getting through to the actual decision maker
•You should get a more immediate rapport with better knowledge of their needs.
• Your name is a known entity before the call is made.
• You have fewer wrong numbers, out of date info, and less unqualified prospects.
• The people are usually more receptive, friendly and positive!

Seems that most Social Media Marketing encourages engagement, connections, relevant conversations, compelling offers, and there is an emphasis is on pulling people to you. In using the Telemarketing - Social Media Marketing combo you actually pick up the phone and talk to them! It’s about going out in a positive way using a professional and appropriate medium to get to know them better. It’s also about being organized so you can take and integrate your Social information into a CRM system and start the real sales and marketing processes.

Telemarketing Social Media Marketing is not about:
• Using low skilled telemarketers who annoy people
• Becoming a replacement for engaging people online
• Becoming a quick win so you that you don’t have anything else with social media.

Does it work? Plan your work and work your plan.

“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”

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