Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get On Facebook NOW!

Have you made your Facebook Fan Page Yet? If not why not? Its quick, it’s easy, it’s free and now Bing is indexing it.

I have been telling you to get a Fan page. Maybe not as much as some of my other advice but since the advent of Facebook Fan pages I have been pushing their use. Now your participation on Facebook was no longer optional but we can almost say it’s mandatory. If you’re not on Facebook you need to be playing catch up.

Bing announced an expansion of its partnership with Facebook and it’s a huge. Bing will be enhancing its search engine results with Facebook Likes. When you search for information on Bing, with “Liked Results” you will now see which of your Facebook friends liked that same result listing.

Bing will also be enhancing its index with Facebook profile search. By pulling in your Facebook friends, Bing is essentially narrowing down your list to those included in your own social graph. Bing is even enabling users to take action and add the friend directly or send them a message.

Now before you start to worry about the Facebook’s privacy which is always suspect, Bing’s “Liked Results” will only be surfacing content that is specifically designated as “public” and linked to a person’s Facebook friends. This will only be the same information anyone could access by viewing their Facebook network directly, except and here is the biggie, it adds greater importance by being presented along with traditional Bing search results. For all you keep it secret people you the User will also be notified when the feature goes live and have an opportunity to disable the functionality if they so choose.

The features are start rolling out as I write with full features expected over the next few weeks – it will initially only be available in the U.S.

Larson Notes & Satire: If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times, don’t say or post anything on the web that you would not want your mother to see.

As for this new Bing launch, you might say, its only Bing, most searches are down with Google. Ok, maybe but do you think for one minute that Google is going to stand by the sidelines and let Bing get one up on them? I don’t. Aside from that Facebook is basically free in cost. I’ll say that you can get into some paid marketing if your business warrants it, but you don’t have to and like any Social Media site if you place your web link on it, it is another link that can be aiming people to and at your web site, which I might add all the search engines like.

If you don’t, it’s no skin off my teeth but every one of my web customers is on Facebook not to mention a few other key Social Media sites and even if I am not a competitor of yours, one of them probably is.

Be seen, be found.

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