Friday, May 8, 2020

Rule Of Number 2

Sometimes The Best You Can Be Is The Supplier In Reserve

The Rule Of

So what is the rule of number 2? Sooner or later your prospects #1 supplier is going to mess up. I do, you do and yes your competition will, which brings us to this unique period in history.

Supply lines are stained, frayed, cut and even broken so it is your chance, maybe your best opportunity to present yourself as the viable alternative. The go to guy. The guy that can do it when all others can't.  But they will not call you if they don't know you are out there!
Mohammad Ali said it best. You don't trade punches with the champ. You got to beat the champ!
Right now if I were you I would be hammering away with each right and left I could.  I would be marketing and selling the heck out of my business to let people know I am open and able to do what we do best, MARKET! Muhammad used the right hand to lead, and then the hard LEFT!

It's time to throw your left hook.

Slumps are for the other guy, This is the time when you just pick yourself up off the mat again and again. Get up one more time with us. No matter how hard it is, this is the fight of a lifetime and you can win! I don't care how long you have been in sales, or been in business. This is your moment. Your moment to shine.  Mandscratches head looking at down sales arrow
When you can’t seem to close the sale despite your best effort. Remember they need you now more than ever. Pick yourself up and market.  When each call or conversation that you do get seems that much harder than it ever was before. Pick yourself up and market. The pressure is on, the volume is down and you just can’t get that deal to click. Pick yourself up and market.

Understanding that we can influence this cycle, spot problems, change behaviors and avoid repeating mistakes that lead to slumps in sales. But if they can't find you they can't buy from you. So, pick yourself up and market. 

Larson & Associates we usually don’t like to brag, but we have a secret where we can successfully predict when a sales slump is going to happen, well, nearly 95% of the time that is. After all, no one is perfect, right?
sales secret manila envelope
Do you want to know our secret to avoiding sales slumps? It really is quite simple, it all comes down to: Prospecting. Yes prospecting. Sales prospecting is one of the most important aspects of an organization, let alone a sales process.

Right now, today, someone out there buying what you are selling or making. 
All companies, in good times and bad, have to fill their pipeline with good leads in order to acquire customers. Helping you prospect, how it works and what it means for your sales is a big part of how our secret can work for you.
Sales slumps have a way of self-perpetuating, with the lack of sales eroding our confidence and expectations of positive results, which in turn makes it even more difficult to return to the good form we have lost along the way.  In sales the natural reaction is to fight off the pressure and panic with a quick fix, by ‘digging’ for more sales. Digging in places where you know the sales were, looking for that next pot of gold. This is what went wrong in the first place, stop ‘digging’ where the sales were, trying to work that same ‘claim’ endlessly and move on to new ground.  If there is a trick to prospecting it’s doing the work to make it ‘work’. The only real way is to get back out there and start making the calls, working the leads. Initiating conversations with cold sales calls that now with what is going on in the world and  the events where is your prospects mind at? these are still the ‘nuts and bolts’ that hold the process together. Opportunity is out there, your job is to find it, through prospecting.

So if you are finding yourself in a slump right now, you are not alone. Don't feel bad we are all in the ring fighting the fight. And if you find yourself on the mat, take a deep breath, fill your lungs and hold it for a second, deep breath, get up and start punching. Pick up the phone and call that prospect who has always said no. You might be surprised.
Make the commitment. Invest your time, your energy and your emotion into actions that you can control.
So go on. Sit down and pick-up the phone. Go knock on some virtual doors. Send out some e-mails. Work your Linked-In, Twitter and Facebook social network and groups. Start asking for orders. Ask for referrals. Talk to any and everyone about what you do.
 At Larson & Associates we are always ready to put forth that extra effort, to work hard and persevere in everything that we do for you. We can help you avoid the corona virus sales slump, overcome marketing anxiety and map out new places to ‘dig’. The more you do, the more you get. It really is that simple.
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