Friday, November 1, 2019



The first step smart companies, all companies need to do is recognize the need for change.

While simply recognizing that need might sound “too easy,” the truth is that there are many in the world today who have yet to take even this first step.

Those smart companies take the time to assess things such as:
  • How has my business changed in the last year?
  • What new things am I trying?
  • How am I growing?
If you struggle to come up with answers to those questions, you’re not alone. Many businesses hold fast to this idea that doing the same things over and over again will yield different results. No you and I both know you will only get the same results you have always gotten.. So are their answers?

Yes but remember it takes changing things and change is hard. It brings with it periods of uncertainty, of doubt, and it seems to inflame even the tiniest of insecurities. But, once those smart companies learned to anticipate and embrace the changes necessary to grow their businesses, they were better (and most likely bigger) for it.

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In the world of Business to Business marketing you can now say "I got a guy" .
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