Monday, November 19, 2012

How People Are Sharing Content

Share and share alike. We hit share buttons, we push content, we hit like links and yet despite all the ways to share things on the Web, the most popular way to share content is still good old fashioned copy/paste. Yes Control C / Control V.  In a study of some 17,000 publishers by 33 Across, 82% of content sharing is being done with copy and paste.

What happens after the content is copied/pasted? 33 Across also studied where people are sharing content. Number 1 is email followed by Facebook, and then Twitter.

Despite the vast numbers of users of Facebook and Twitter, the most popular way to share content, is still copy/paste.

Larson Notes & Satire:  If it is to be let it be. Copy/paste Control C/Control V. And Email? So make it easy for them. Embrace Email and email marketing so they can push and shove your links and content.

It’s all good.

“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”

Howard Larson
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