Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decision Making For Today's Reality

In today’s world of lead generation you need to take a hard look at how you are generating interest in your company. As dumb as it is, you might be surprised to find that some prospects are prompted to consider using you thru twitter posts, let alone longer blogs or facebook fan pages.

As a B2B marketer I spent my time, aside from dong active lead gen, trying to figure out how a person (or company) makes a buying decision. Perhaps Hank Trisler said it best when he said “People buy on emotion and justify with facts.”

Larson Notes & Satire:  I spend alto of time posting my successes. Why? Because if you are in a similar industry where I have had success and I post about it, you might start thinking, mmmmmmm they did it for XYZ Company, maybe they can do it for me.

“We don’t sell lists, we find customers.”
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