Friday, April 16, 2010

March Employment Report

Are you in Illinois? If you are, aren’t you lucky, NOT! We are at the or near the top in unemployment and with a state government and many local governments that can’t control spending, (see the Daily Herald on the west side to O’Hare Airport “getting that roadway done at any cost” ) does not seem like the kind of physical responsibility I like to see in public office holders.

The official figures for the nation were standing at 9.7%. In Illinois we are officially standing at 11.5% and even with those incorrect figures government officials are patting themselves on the back. And this is after all the temp workers working on the census and a few construction workers thrown in to boot. Factories might be making more stuff but they are still laying people off.

Taken from the site Shadow Government Statistics we see a much different number. One that I would tend to believe more than the one the government uses.

So what line do you think shows the real unemployment figure? I’m betting in the blue.

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