Monday, June 3, 2019

You Really Want To Pay Me $2019

This Is About the 2019 Marketing Plan That Can Net You 100% ROI! 

If you are a small to mid-sized company and happy with the results you are getting out of your current marketing campaign, great! But if you're like 9 of 10 businesses, doing what I call fluff and puff marketing or branding and not highly targeted direct response marketing, keep reading. For every $1.00 you are spending on marketing if you are not getting back back 100% to 2000% (did I really say 2000%?) back from your marketing you really need to be using us.
If I were to sit down with you over a nice hot cup of coffee and ask you where your customers come from or what is the cost of each new customer, and how did you get them, could you tell me? Was it an email, a direct mail piece or social media or that hard working sales person walking door to door passing out business cards?

The whole idea came about at Jim Hugh's One More Customer Networking event over in Carpentersville IL. He has one up in Island Lake IL but this knock on the side of my head happened at the one in Carpentersville. I have been a la cartingmy services like every other marketing company and feeling I could be serving my customers much better if I could just roll all the key elements all into one program so a person or company could afford what actually works from list procurementto direct mail to content writing to email blasts to teleprospecting to bloggingI did that and you get everything for just $2019 a month. 

So, while the podcast rolled on I spread out my napkin, a technique I learned at Ricardo's (all you Chicago Advertising People should remember Ricardo's the place on Rush Street that it's outdoor tables overlooked a seedy part of the Near North Side) and wrote out this entire plan on one little white napkin. Really I worked out a million dollar marketing plan on a napkin. I have found that if a plan is larger than a napkin it is too complicated to put into action and nothing ends up happening. 

The 11 Rules For 2019

1. You will only market to the best kind of customers for your business!
2. Each marketing piece will have a call to action!
3. There will always be a reason to buy NOW!
4. There will be clear, simple instructions.
5. Everything. Every dollar will be tracked, analyzed, measured and be held accountable.
6. If branding happens it will not be at the expense of the Direct Response message.
7. There will be follow-up, follow-up and more follow-up.
8. There will be a strong call to action in all copy.
9. It might look a little like mail order advertising.
10. Results Rule (say that 100 times!)
11. Good design takes a back seat to copy that sells!


So what are you waiting for? Really?

Vincent and I are sitting drinking a cup of coffee waiting to manage your plan like a conductor in front of an orchestra

Bruce and Rob are looking over compiled lists, ready to do a list sort for your ideal customer.

Vicky is sipping tea (yes I have a tea drinker in the company can you believe that?) ready to turn copy into pointed message of action.

Elizabeth, Janice, Connie and Brenda, those darlings of the phone lines, all have open time to be teleprospecting for you.

There is just 1 problem
We are only taking on 16 of these projects when they are taken they are gone!And we will not compete against ourselves so in any given market area we will not, I repeat we WILL NOT take on competing companies. So call right now before your competition does. Just phone 847-991-1294 or email to NOW and just say 2019. 
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